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Dollied Up

a glamorous picture book

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Hallo, and thanks for stopping in. ^^

This community, basically, is a photographic community - it's based of pictures. But, the point to these, is not just plain normal ones. This community is based around pictures that have been "dollied up." In other words, they are glamed pictures, ones that show a creative side to things. Whether they be costumes, creative trips, or just personal dollification, the objects is to show what you can do! While the emphasis is on actual photographs of people, if you have dollified up something else...like a doll, toy, or pet...those pictures are also welcome! Artistic Pictures, Cosplay, and such fits into the category. ^^

When you first join, it would be grand for you to fill out the following, so we can get to know you:

Current Obsessions:
Role Models:
Why are you so dollified?
Tell us something unique:
Show us your stuff! (I.E. Pictures)
If the pictures are big, or there are a lot, please LJ Cut. ^^

Once you post, I'll give you a "stamp" of membership, so you can paste it in your info and spread the love! Due to this being relatively new, and knowing how much I love members, I've decided to show a certain degree of when you joined...

First 10 members will get numbered stamps.
11-50 Will be First Stage
51-100 will be Second Stage
And so on....I will add more colors if we get more members. >D This is just a fun little way of being unique, not a ranking system of any kind. ^^

Meep, well, if you think you've got the interest and love to be a picture whore (or even just creative!), We'd love for you to join! ^^

-Chieri, Mod and Founder

For Members:
The first 10 people to apply with automatically get in...to start it off, ne? Afterwards, it's just like many other photo communities...they can make a yes or no vote based, basing it mainly on the photos and their own creativity. But let's still be nice, ok? In order for someone to join, they need atleast 6 yeses. It isn't too bad, we're nice. :D
First Background is based off Volk's Dollfies. They fit the bill too perfectly! So pretty, so glam, so right! ^^ But they all belong to Volks, ok?